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The enlightenment of the experience of the construction of the public health system in Canada to our country

Zhou Xianghong, Wu Yunqiao
School of Economics and ManagementTongji UniversityShanghai 200092,China

Abstract:By a long time of exploration and practice, Canada has basically established a relatively whole public health system. Through the system, Canada has basically solved the problem of Canadian medical health and has relatively fully satisfied the demand from the resident. The public health system in Canada has taken on these characteristics, including universality, allsidedness, accessibility and so on. These characteristics of universality, allsidedness and accessibility can make every Canadian equally achieve perfect service of medical health. The all levels of government in Canada have specific responsibilities in the public health system and can cooperate very well. Besides, the public health system in Canada make some nonprofit organizations such as the medical association and so on play an important role in the supervisory system. In addition, the effect of family doctors is very important in the public health system, and Canadian government has devised a scientific process to hospitalize. Although there are some differences existed between our country and Canada, some experience of the construction of the public health system in Canada have universal meaning. On the basis of collecting and studying a great number of materials and field survey, the article has analyzed and dissected the public health system in Canada. In addition, the article has introduced some cases. The destination of the article is to give the construction of the pubic health system in our country some suggestions and direction.
Keyword: Canada; the public health system; the medical security


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